Ecolink turns five!

In November, Ecolink turned five years old!  It has been a great half decade, that has seen us grow and expand to service all of southern Australia.  Over these years we have worked on projects as diverse as small residential redevelopments to major road constructions, from supplying bushfire management advice to residents to expert testimony to the Department of Environment and Energy for breaches to the EPBC Act.  We have worked as subcontractors to major engineering firms, providing specialist advice and headed up teams of specialists to take on complicated inter-disciplinary strategic planning projects.  Over this time we have benefited from a great suite of clients and subbies, each of whom we’d like to thank for their support.  We are looking forward to the next five years!

A Striped Legless Lizard.  One of the amazing threatened species that we have recently worked with in the Victorian Volcanic Plain

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