Ecolink can service all of your ecological needs: from a brief walkover, strategic advice, due diligence investigations and constraints mapping, through to preliminary flora and fauna assessments, detailed ecological assessments and targeted threatened species surveys.  We can prepare the necessary Flora, Fauna or Land Management Plans, Salvage and Translocation Plans, and undertake all translocation works, represent you at a Panel or Tribunal hearing or prepare referrals or permit applications to ensure these progress smoothly.  Increasingly, we are reporting on flora and fauna offset costs within Melbourne’s ‘growth areas’, or determining land improvement costs.

Key to our focus is ensuring continuity of service.  At Ecolink, the Project Manager will be with you through all stages of the project.  We will understand your project, your property and your approvals process.  The Project Manager will write the proposal, liaise with you and the relevant government agency personally, manage the field-work and be the senior author of the report.  From start to finish, your Project Manager will communicate with you so that you understand your commitments based on relevant legislation, policies, and liaison with regulators.

Key services regularly provided include:

  • Due Diligence Assessments/Preliminary Flora and Fauna Assessments
  • Flora, Fauna and Net Gain Assessments
  • Strategic Ecological Advice
  • Offset Identification and Costing under the Biodiversity Assessment Guidelines
  • Targeted Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Planning Permit Approvals and EPBC Act Referrals
  • Aquatic Vertebrate and Macro-invertebrate surveys
  • Bushfire Attack Level assessments and Bushfire Management Statements
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Salvage and Translocation of Flora and Fauna
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Management Plans, such as:
    • Environment Management Plans
    • Construction and Environment Management Plans
    • Sediment and Erosion Control Plans
    • Weed Management Plans
    • Pest Animal or Overabundant Animal Management Plans
    • Vegetation Offset Management Plans
    • Land Management Plans
  • Large-scale Biodiversity Assessments and Native Vegetation Precinct Plans
  • Panel Representation
  • Peer review of other consultant’s work to ensure it meets the proponents’ and/or government agencies’ expectations and requirements
  • Geographical Information Services (GIS) services.Web Banner 15.jpg